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2022 player update!


Main New Features

  • User interface inspired by Mapillary.com
  • Supports Mapbox.com
  • Made for extremely large projects. Like a whole country.
  • No database anymore.
  • Works with any webserver and cloud.
  • Search incl. geolocation.
  • Asset visualisation and description by URL.
  • One-click publishing to your Amazon AWS cloud.
  • For Cloud, Windows 10, Windows Server, LAMP etc.
  • Easier to customise.
  • Easier to integrate into websites and other already existing solutions.
  • Creator 6 imports projects backed-up by previous Creator 5.
  • Creator 5 imports project backups from new Creator 6. All Creator 6 features are ignored.
  • Alternatively you can still generate the player known from Creator 5.
  • Demo

The new Player is available as part of our new Creator 7 program.

It can be published to the Amazon AWS cloud with a single mouse-click.

It then automatically scales to cover for usage spikes. Don't miss your 15 minutes of Internet fame!

Of course you also can run it on a Windows 10 PC (recommended: Instant Player), Windows Server, LAMP or literary any other webserver.

Compare to the Legacy Player from Creator 5 from 2020.


Morocco Ghost Town. Embedded Cloud Player

Auto-forward enabled.

Timeline to document change.
Click the timeline icon in the player:


Creator 6, new main processing program

Creator 6 continues to create the "legacy players" known from Creator 5.