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Camera case

We are your partner for streetview cameras, programs and services.

A ready-to-run mobile mapping solution that covers planning, recording and processing. Followed by display, geo-referencing and data analysis.

We provide the only solution that shows all your cameras positions onĀ  a map on your PC in your office, in real time. You can even remote control your cameras from your office.

To make your project a guaranteed success we provide additional services like consulting, building a proof of concept and integration with your existing IT.

Our hardware includes 360 cameras, mounts for cars, boats, locomotives and even a backpack for recording on foot and by motorcycle. As well as power supplies, extra connectors and accessories. Positioning is by GNSS with wheel data for robustness and RTK for high-accuracy positioning.

Bahamas: Hurricane Dorian aftermath. Embedded Cloud Player.

Bahamas: Hurricane Dorian aftermath. Uploaded to Google with G-Publisher.

Morocco Ghost Town. Embedded Cloud Player

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