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End-to-end Solution

Once you have acquired the up-to-date images of your area of interest and you have used Creator to produce the Streetviews, it is crucial that you are able to share them with all of the people who need to use them.

Simple Online Access

You can only realize the full value of the Streetviews that you have created if you are able to share them with the right people so we provide a simple to use browser-based player that does just that.

You are able to control which Streetviews are added to the database and hence are then available to the users. Anyone navigating these is supported with configurable map views and navigation tools.

Sharing Offline on Android

Since not all work takes place in the office or in areas with WiFi coverage, we have created an Android Offline Viewer which allows users to use your Streetviews wherever they need them.

This makes the Applied Streetview system perfect for all types of managers and users.

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