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Remote Control

Mounted with a suction cup to the windscreen



  • A Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (8″) Android tablet is included with the camera.
  • Live preview of the cameras photos recorded
  • Live GPS position on map or aerial image
  • Three release modes:
    • By distance: E.g. every 5 meters. Set the distance by yourself.
    • By interval: 1 to 30 seconds. Set the interval yourself.
    • Manual release. Tap a button on the tablet to release the camera.
  • Display a track of yesterdays recordings to help today’s recording. Avoid recording roads twice.
  • On-map buttons: Start/Stop recording, Manual Release
  • On-map data: Release Mode, Speed, Number of satellites, satellite fix, data-sets recorded, capacity remaining, Battery Voltage
  • On-map display customization: Customize the map tab by adding more buttons and display values.
  • Multi-language: English, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French, Romanian. Additional languages are available upon request.
  • Offline map-tiles/aerial images on microSD card
  • Display kmz/kml overlay to mark recording areas
  • Display MBtiles overlays to show thousands of roads to record.
  • POI (Point of Interest) icons to release the camera and save a predefined or live comment
  • Add your own POI icons
  • Battery Monitor with low battery alarm and Voltage and alert logging.
  • Get as many additional SSDs as you need. Format new SSDs in-camera before first usage. Format empty SSDs before re-using.
  • Update the cameras firmware
  • Backup/Import projects for safekeeping and to resume a project later

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