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Asset Finder

Let’s assume you already have a list of 100.000 geo-referenced assets in your database.
How to link them to the 200 Kilometers worth of streetviews you just recorded?
This is what the Asset-Finder player plug-in is for!


Just build a URL with the Latitude, Longitude and optional Altitude and Description of your asset:


Working link:

When clicking the link:

  • The player with the Asset Finder plug-in opens in a new browser window.
  • It searches, finds and opens the streetview closest to the Latitude/Longitude coordinates provided.
  • It automatically pans left/right and up/down to look at the Latitude/Longitude coordinates provided.
  • It displays a green marker on the map.
  • It displays a green marker on the streetview.
  • It displays your assets Description, Latitude, Longitude and Altitude in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Optional you can use the free and open source custom-data plug-in for the player to build a database interface to show your own custom data and to save data retrieved from the streetview. The custom-data plug-in is part of every player generated by the Creator program provided.

Example links:


We are available for hire for customization.

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