New in 2018

  • Privacy Keeper
    Blurs faces and number plates to comply with laws, rules and regulations.
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  • Visualizer
    A simple way to have the Streetview player show your geo-referenced assets.
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  • Facades
    Automatically creates photos of buildings from Streetviews to aid cadastre documentation.
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  • AS Server
    Makes all processed projects available to the entire team in your office.
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  • Photogram
    Geo-references any object visible in a Streetview sequence recorded by car.
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  • Asset Finder
    The big brother of the Visualizer. Creates link-lists of your geo-referenced assets.
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  • Android Player
    Works 100% off-line. No internet access necessary.
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  • Player
    Displays processed Streetviews on the internet or intranet.
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  • Creator
    Processes your recorded footage into Streetviews and a working player.
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  • Railway Editor
    Processes your railway footage into Streetviews and a working railway player.
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  • Remote Control
    Operates the camera from your tablet to manage your recording projects.
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