Professional Streetview Recording and Data Management

Applied Streetview empowers you to create industrial-quality street views in the most cost-effective way.
Having your own staff both record and manage your data ensures you get the best value for money.

Owning both the recording equipment and processing software plus hosting the data yourself gives you complete control over what and when to record and who gets to see it.

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English: Applied Streetview - Data Collection

German: Applied Streetview - Aufnahme und Präsentation

Spanish: Applied Streetview - Recopilación de Datos

French: Applied Streetview - Collecte de Données

Russian: Applied Streetview - Сбор данных

Chinese: Applied Streetview - 数据收集


Main Features

  • Up to 300.000 streetviews/day.
  • 5 mounts for recording by car, boat, locomotive and on foot
  • 100% privacy
  • Optional upload to Google Maps
  • Geo-referencing and measurement
  • Works with QGIS and ArcGIS
  • Compliance tools for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • No data processing plan needed
  • No hosting plan needed
  • Customization & integration available

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  • Max 7 streetviews/second
  • Positioning by GNSS & optional RTK
  • Automatic leveling
  • Mobile UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Remote Control Android App
  • 8″ tablet
  • SSD for up to 1000 km road
  • Rugged case for storage and transport

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5 mounts to pick from:

  • Car (for easy traveling)
  • Car (higher recording position)
  • Backpack
  • Marine
  • Railway

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Creator 3 
Processes 300.000 streetviews per day. 
Privacy Keeper
To automatically blur faces and number plates.
Photogram Online
Geo-reference and measure
Upload as photospheres to Google Maps
For GIS integration

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Windows Player
For closes user groups. Easy setup.
Linux Player
For publishing to the internet. Scales nicely.
Android Player
100% offline.
Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon EC2
Google Maps
Upload as photospheres

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Road maintenance & Construction planning

Petroleum industry

Oil & gas pipelines


Planning & Documentation for compliance


Fiber optic cables & Construction planning

Electricity industry

Power lines & Construction planning

Chemical industry

Plant documentation for maintenance & construction


Documentation of tracks for maintenance & construction


Maintenance, Planning & Documentation


Monitoring & optimization of delivery routes, drop spots, distribution centers

Free Software with the Camera

Creator 3
Processes your footage into streetviews and the included Web-Player. Creates data-sets for Google Earth Pro, Google street view, Instant Player, Android Player.
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Remote Control app
Operate your camera with the included Android tablet. Set the recording mode: Distance mode, Interval mode or Manual mode. Extra POI logging. Map with track visualization.
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Software for Professionals

Upload your streetviews to Google Maps for the world to see.
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Privacy Keeper
Automatically detects and blurs faces and number plates to comply with laws, rules and regulations.
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A simple way to have the Streetview player show your geo-referenced assets.
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Automatically creates photos of buildings from Streetviews to aid cadastre documentation.
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Windows Player
For a closed user group. Very easy to set up.
Serves streetviews without the need to process them before.
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Linux Player
The Linux Player relies on a run-of-the-mill LAMP stack that can be set up to scale.
Make your 10 minutes of internet fame happen!
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Android Player
Works 100% off-line. No internet access needed.
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Google Streetview
Upload your streetviews as photospheres to Google Maps.
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Not sure if you can get it to work?
Let’s talk about the training options.

3 support plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold.
We support you by Skype, WhatsApp, TeamViewer, Anydesk, phone, email and our dedicated support desk.

Need something special?
We are available for hire for customization and integration.
Lets talk about your needs.


Demo Days
See the camera system in action. Get hands-on experience.
Our office is nearby Frankfurt am Main in Germany.
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Free Advice
Not sure what it needs to get the job done?
We are happy to help.
Get in contact.

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New Duplicate Remover

Without doubt removing duplicate recordings is one of the most important tasks to deliver a good user experience.Doing it manually is a very time consuming task and therefore out of the question for budgetary reasons.For this we re-implemented the Duplicate Remover of...

Creator for the Cloud

By popular request we enabled the Creator 3 program for the Cloud. All three major cloud providers are supported: Google Cloud, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure Cloud. Have a look at the performance and cost comparison we did!Download linksCreator Cloud ManualCreator...

New French translations

We just updated the French translations of the Creator program for Windows 10 and the Android Remote Control app for the tablet included with the camera.Download links: Newest programsCreator programRemote Control app French ManualsCreatorRemote...

Visualizer playing well with Instant Player

The manual for the Visualizer plug-in has been updated for the Windows Player.It now explains in detail how to use the Visualizer plug-in with the optional Instant Player for Windows 10, Windows Server, Google Cloud, Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure Cloud. Download the...

New Spanish translations

We just updated the Spanish translations of the Creator program for Windows 10 and the Android Remote Control app for the tablet included with the camera. Please updoate: Newest programs Creator program Remote Control app Spanish Manuals Creator Remote Control

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© Copyright 2019, Streetview Technology GmbH.
All rights reserved.
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